Thursday, February 01, 2007

Basic Instinct 2 - DVD podBLAST

Could this be the best drinking game ever?!

Take a drink for:

- Sexual innuendo (only if it's SUPPOSED to be, you perv)
- Every time time any journalist character appears (alive or dead)
- Unresolved plot points
- Any time Sharon Stone smolders

Uh, on second thought, if you play this game, you will die of alcohol poisoning.

DISCLAIMER: Seriously, no drinking.

Instead, make it a laughing game. Bring some love into this world, people!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve is a comedy ninja; he sneaks in, slays everyone around him, then disappears back into the shadows before you even knew he was there.

Mangler, God bless him, is a comedy Panzer tank.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous MaxTheSilent said...

This movie contains some of the most laughable realisation faces since Affleck's 'swallowed a bug' masterpiece in Pearl Harbour.

Saddest this about this movie is that it was directed by Michael Caton-Jones, who also directed the PodBLAST fave ROB ROY.

And it was very nearly directed by David Cronenberg. Wrap your head around that!

9:23 PM  
Blogger directorscut said...

The List of the Blasted is back and bigger than ever!

Samuel L. Jackson 4
Ahmed Best 3
Andrew Bryniarski 3
Andy Arness 3
Anthony Daniels 3
Ewan McGregor 3
Frank Oz 3
Ian Bliss 3
Ian McDiarmid 3
Kenny Baker 3
Lambert Wilson 3
Natalie Portman 3
Nona Gaye 3
Silas Carson 3
Temuera Morrison 3
Willem Dafoe 3
Alec Baldwin 2
Anthony Zerbe 2
Ben Affleck 2
Bruce Spence 2
Carrie-Anne Moss 2
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa 2
Chris Ellis 2
Christopher Lee 2
Christopher Walken 2
Clayton Watson 2
Collin Chou 2
E.J. Callahan 2
Ewen Bremner 2
Gary Cervantes 2
Gina Torres 2
Glenn Plummer 2
Harold Perrineau 2
Harrison Ford 2
Harry J. Lennix 2
Hayden Christensen 2
Hugo Weaving 2
Jada Pinkett Smith 2
James Earl Jones 2
Jean Reno 2
Jimmy Smits 2
Joe Morton 2
Joe Pantoliano 2
Joel Edgerton 2
Josh Hartnett 2
Kata Dobó 2
Keanu Reeves 2
Keith David 2
Kevin Grevioux 2
Kim Coates 2
Laurence Fishburne 2
Liam Neeson 2
Ling Bai 2
Mako 2
Marton Csokas 2
Matthew Davis 2
Maurice Morgan 2
Michael Gough 2
Monica Bellucci 2
Pat Hingle 2
Pernilla August 2
Philip Tan 2
Rena Owen 2
Robert Mammone 2
Russell Yuen 2
Salma Hayek 2
Scott Wilson 2
Sharon Stone 2
Toshi Toda 2
William Fichtner 2

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Franklin T Marmoset said...

Alternatively, take a drink every time a podblaster unleashes his keanureevesian English accent.

Damn yanks.

Transatlantic hostilities aside, thanks for blasting that piece of crap. That was another funny one.

7:04 AM  

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